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Famous Church Songs, Carols and Other Genres Sung by Chris Bouter

In the course of time we hope to produce various albums, mainly Christian music with tracks in various languages. To those that are musical, it will be apparent that I am not. My efforts, therefore, are for those people that are not too critical and are meant for fun rather than for professionality. I have sung these melodies without accompaniment, without director and without being able to hear my own voice. This made things more difficult.

Here you can listen to the mp3 tracks of our debut album, 'musick of the spheres'.

At the following links you can see me in action:

O my God, I want to sing!

Shiru L'Adonay Shir Chadash! (Sing a New Song for the Lord)

'Famous Hymns'.

'Famous Negro-Spirituals'.

'Christmas Carols'.

Some of my own poems sung by myself.

Popular Songs.

An old story goes as follows. Once there was an old cloister deep into the woods and the monks sang faithfully every day. One day a young man knocked on the door and he was an excellent singer, whereas most of the monks could not even hold the tune. So they decided to have only the young minstrel sing with his lute. After some time an angel knocked on the door and asked them why they were not singing anymore. But the prior answered that the most beautiful songs were sung now. However the angel answered: "In heaven we do not hear it anymore..."

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