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'Famous Hymns'

Also these renditions are solo and unaccompanied, but they have been given the necessary effects; for else all you would have is some kind of living room quality. Again I express my gratitude to Julius Bax who assisted me with the recording program and advised me on my singing.

Some of these songs have been written in the most trying circumstances, by believers that were tested about just as bad as Job. Though they lost wives, or children, or possessions, they still kept clinging to the Lord. This is a miracle of the Holy Spirit; something He wants to grant us as well!

Here follow the music tracks (mp3):

It is Well with My Soul

(by Horatio Stafford)

O Jesu, tu sei la luce!

(O Jesus, you are the light!)

When I survey the wondrous cross; Isaac Watts

(Gregorian Chant)

Jesus loves me, this I know

Take care little eyes what you see!

And is it so we shall be like thy Son!

Du bist die Liebe, der treue Heiland!

This is the day that the Lord has made

Read your bible, pray every day

Nearer, my God, to thee...

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