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Personal Letters and Emails

Apostolic Nunciature,
Carnegielaan 5,
2517 KH Den Haag.

Subject: apology.

21th September, 2001.

To whom this concerns.

Please find enclosed a copy of my apologies to the Vatican. The contents speak for themselves.

Hoping to have informed you sufficiently and wishing you God's blessing, I remain,

Yours Truly,

chris bouter,
F. W. Reitzstraat 69,
2806 TR Gouda.

App.: 6, fcb.

The answer from the Vatican via the nuntius. The letter from the Vatican had a water mark, saying 'Secretaria Status'.

Pope John Paul 2nd,
and those that reside in
Vatican City.

Subject: Earnest apology.

12 April, 2000.

Dear Karol Woityla and those that reside at the vatican,

I honestly and sincerely apologize for my shouting behavior through the telephone, now more than three years ago. As far as I remember this must have taken place on a Sunday sometime in February of 1997. I hardly know what I shouted, but what I remember I am sorely ashamed for.

I was not able to bring myself earlier to an apology, I think, since life as a psychiatric patient is very hard to take. Moreover it is very embarassing, every time the medication arouses me from a psychosis, to realize that once again I have lapsed into an irrational and irreal world of paranoia and megalomania.

You are not the only one I have accosted with my barbarian presumptuousness. If there are attenuating circumstances, then the passing away of my father in the end of 1996 and the extremely painful divorce in 1993, could be advanced. But I am not at all sure how God judges of these things, but I think you will agree that mental illness is a terrible handicap. Probably Abba Father above thinks that as well.

I earnestly pray to God that this kind of behavior I and others on account of me, will be spared from in the future. This all is even more tragic, seeing that I, in obedience to the Apostle Paul (2 Tim.2), have been sending up to Abba Father in the heavens prayers and thanksgivings for many important people (politicians, influential writers and even actors, actresses and singers). In these prayers I included not only you, but also my neighbors and of course various times a day my children. Perhaps that is all God will give me as my main Christian activity for the rest of my life. And if He would grant me that with a reasonably functional form of health, then I should be very thankful for this.

I use this opportunity to thank you and Catholics (Roman and Anglican) for their love, faith, service and perseverance both to God and man throughout the centuries. I do not consider myself a Protestant and certainly not a Roman Catholic, but I do realize that (and I have seen this in my own readings of famous writers) that Christians in general owe a lot to the works of the Catholics.

God bless you and make you a blessing,


Frederik Christophoor Bouter,
F. W. Reitzstraat 69,
2806 TR Gouda,
The Netherlands.

P.S. I have translated and included my latest poem.

Pope John Paul 2nd,
and those that reside in
Vatican City.

Subject: second earnest apology.

21st of September, 2001.

To Whom this concerns,

I picked up clues, not to say evidence, that somebody deemed it necessary to look into my background. Look, if I caused any sort of trouble and I am afraid I must have, then I am doubly sorry!! I cannot really right this wrong, as it has happened. I can only offer my humblest apologies and promise (what I also will do!) to pray even more for Roman Catholics, including the pope, than I did before I started this trouble.

In my former faith community a pedophile was exposed around the time of my father's passing away (1996-'97). This doomed large in the following psychosis, triggered by the stress of my dad's deceasing. I may very well have thought during and only during that psychosis that the vatican was organizing pedophiles and all sorts of evil. (This also through the pernicious influence of some of the publications of Jack T. Chick). I remember at one time spitting on the ground for every man that I passed in the street, as I was in the grip of the angst that they were all pedophiles!

The Lord God has allowed this to take place and I can only put my faith in the scripture by the aposte Paul that all things work out for the good for those that love God! If it had not been for you people, I would in all likelihood have been paranoid about the communists, or Muslims, or even the satanists, or whatever. Even though I would like to see a small sign of your acceptance of my apologies, I can fully appreciate it if you want to keep a dignified silence about it.

God bless you!

Yours Truly,

Chris Bouter,
F. W. Reitzstraat 69,
2806 TR Gouda;
the Netherlands.

P.S. 1) Please, if still possible, at least apologize for me to the nuns that answered my troubling phone calls that Sunday in February of 1997.

P.S. 2) I have included my latest and probably last e-mails to Chick publications (in my case there is question of sickness, but in his case of deep rooted and unrepentant sin).

P.S. 3) I have also included two of my poems.

P.S. 4) I plan to send copies to the Roman Catholic nuntiature in The Hague.

Apostolische Nuntiatuur,
Carnegielaan 5,
2517 KH Den Haag.

Subject: Apology (again)

January 30th, 2005.

To Whom this concerns,

Unfortunately I wrote again a strange letter, in 2004, to the Vatican and also insulting emails this time to your dear people there. As I wrote you before, every time when I am sick with psychosis the paranoid teachings by Jack Chick and the late Alberto Revera, probably just a small time con man, play havoc with my psyche. Normally I do not pay heed to this, but when I am sick I am very vulnarable to thoughts like that.

At one time I even thought that my own brother Hugo Bouter (who was quite afraid of me in 2004) was the antichrist [who probably will not be around for quite some time--I would do better to fight the spirit of the antichrist in myself, who according to the Apostle John is already now present in this world].

Because of these things I drew up the enclosed letter to myself to hand it to my case manager at the GGZ. Hopefully it will not be necessary, but one never knows whether it might work on me.

I addressed it to 'Christophoreus,' for that is the way I call myself when I am sick.

With kind regards,

Chris Bouter,

F.W.Reitzstraat 69,
2806 TR Gouda.

Website: https://www.is888.info

Ins.: 1 fcb.

P.S. I took the liberty a few years ago to copy the background of the website vatican.va and used it for my commandments section under bible studies. Please bear with me on that one. I really like that background!


In answer to the question whether the rapture of the Church is pre- or midtribulation.

There is the temptation or testing in the epistle to Philadelphia. This is not the tribulation. There have been tribulations, such as 10 years under Diocletianus. The real tribulation is the time of Jacob's trouble, when there will be such a persecution of Jewish believers as has never happened before. The time will be shortened (3 1/2 years; second half of the last week of Daniel, when the beast and the antichrist will be in power); else, as it says, no flesh (that is of Jewish believers) would be left.

Then there is the tribulation of general believers that will be beheaded, under the beast. But those that persecute them, will have to undergo the same fate, apparently (ch. 13 Rev.).

These things will happen at the end of the 6th day, just before the Millennium, the 7th, when Christ will come back as the Lion of the tribe of Judah.

However now we live in the 4th day. The sun of righteousness (Christ) and the moon (the Church).

The 5th day, in which there will be an unintelligent people converted to provoke the Jews to jealousy, still has to happen. In that time there will be extraordinary men and women (the great sea creatures and the birds flying high ((spiritually)).

So, to make a long story a little shorter. There will be the resurrection of the just, see the end of Daniel and these people will not be raptured by Christ, but still taken up to come back (Enoch's prophecy) with Christ to reign.

I am personally sure that the temptation (not tribulation!), mentioned in the epistle to Philadelphia, still has to happen. Further, since the Church is Christ's bride, it is logical that He will come and take her up at the end of the 4th day. For the 5th day is the time of the FULLNESS of the gentiles (not to be mistaken for the general time of the gentiles that started with Nebuchadnezzar and that will last till the millennium comes). So THE RAPTURE IS PREMILLENNIAL BY WHO KNOWS HOW MANY YEARS. The Left Behind movies and so-called Christian fanatics that want to see Israel in trouble from all sides, to see Christ return, are quite wrong.

I do not know whether you believe me or whether you are checking me out with a mind already made up. But I think I am right and that I have the mind of the Lord.

Think about it and look here further, if you are really interested:

Entire history of humankind as seen in the 13 kings and 7 days from the Bible.

God bless us and have mercy.

Chris bouter

Dear Ph.,

It is very good to long for the 'broad places' of the Lord. But I am afraid that in these times of Laodicea they are in the first place to be found in individual communion with the Lord. In Dutch the brethren say: 'Hier beneden is het niet' and now we can add 'ook niet bij de broeders'. Jabes prayed for enlargement of his possessions and that 'it would not hurt him'. In this way we can pray for the broad places and through wisdom, patience and forgiveness not be pained.

Paul warns us that "we should not destroy ourselves and devour each other" But like Jabes the devil cannot touch us when we keep close to the Lord. But, like Job, the Lord tests our faith. The psalm also asks for that:: "search me, God and know my heart, TEST me and know my thoughts and emotions." A faith untested, is not faith.

May the Lord enlarge your portion and at least give you understanding from your wife and hopefully from one or more close friends.



Subject: Re: various

Dear brother Chris,

You are most welcome, it was a pleasure to meet you, with your brother Hugo. Thank you for the books, and thank you also in advance for sending the NT Greek course and the other 2 booklets. I had a look at some of the PDFs of the course on the website and it may be a good way for me to get back into New Testament Greek.

Thanks also for your prayers regarding assembly life. I will also take your advice to heart. I think if I had wanted to leave and start again I would have done so already, I am seeking the Lord's face, and will make no decision hastily. The scripture that spoke to me in this regard was Isaac and the herdsmen of Gerar, he leaves Esek (argument/quarrel) and Sitnah (hostility/accusation) and moves to Rehoboth (broad/open place) where there is room to prosper. Where that broad place is, I do not know, but I would like to go there.

I was also reading 1 Kings 18 this morning, and both Elijah and Obadiah are servants of the Lord, but both work in very different contexts: Elijah works outside of Israel to call them to repentance, and Obadiah works inside of Israel, serving the Lord (in his service of Ahab). Perhaps I am called to faithfulness in an unfaithful situation like you suggested yesterday, like Obadiah. I value you your input and advice very much, I am still young, and I have not been this way before, it was heartwarming for me to be with two brothers who no doubt share these trying and difficult experiences (and in many ways it must be more painful for you both, having lived through it). I hope I did not discourage you. The Lord is faithful to us, and His heart is always toward us.

I will pray for you too, God bless you,



On 17 August 2016 at 07:31, chris bouter wrote:

Dear brother,

Thank u 4 u'r hospitality yesterday when I visited u with my brother Hugo. I pray that the Lord will grant u and u'r wife wisdom from above in these trying circumstances of assembly life. "He resists the proud, but gives grace to the humble." "I desire mercy and not sacrifice." "Mercy boasts against judgment." But there must also be holiness in the church. "Holiness begins at the house of God" "At the mountain of the Lord it will be provided." "God is Love, (but also) Light and Life." If we are discontent for whatever reason, or if we exaggerate the truth and it becomes unbalanced in connection with mercy, and we start something with others in the name of the Lord, supposedly, no matter with how many are how few souls, then we make the dividedness only worse.

I say this because you were thinking in that direction, as intimated to us. I said that you then should weigh the possibility of going back where things went wrong and that is going back to fellowship with people like Ger de Koning, Tony Jonathan and others. Or perhaps, stay where you are till the older generation who made the development of late, is gone. But if you organize something on your own, then you only make matters worse and the Lord certainly cannot bless that.

Next week I hope to send you the first volume of my course in N.T.-Greek and the other 2 booklets, in English. I hope and pray that it will benefit not only your mind, but also your soul and heart.

I am praying for you 2.


Chris bouter

Dear brother Ph.,

The scripture I meant was Is. 58 where the people think they do good with their fasting and so-called sorrow, but it was all hypocrisy, as they had not set their fellow brothers free (verse 6). And in verse 9 the pointing of the finger is mentioned. If they would stop that, the Lord would answer right away.

In this context I must think also of Job, who was blessed again AFTER he had prayed for his friends. And I think it is James in the N.T. that says that we should not even as much as SIGH against the brethren, for HE that judges standeth at the door.

You say you started a new job. May the Lord give you wisdom in these practical things. Those that are married are called upon to occupy themselves with the things of the world to please their partners. But we are also taught to seek the things that are up above. This is not a contradiction. Both is true. It is a question of balance. Did you know that in Is. 28 verses 23 to 29 the bible says that the Lord wants to help us with our jobs and give us wisdom in the things of creation? Wonderful, is it not! The farmer is taught of the Lord to farm. But also today the IT specialist can learn the things of creation.

In all this may the Lord above all give you love for you wife and children and help you to give the warmth and attention, something I myself failed in miserably.



From: Ph.
Sent: woensdag 31 augustus 2016 19:14
To: chris bouter
Subject: Re: pointing the finger

Hi Chris,

Thanks for your email, and for your confession. It is good to confess our sins to one another (James 5) and something I ought to do more often. I am interested to read the scriptures which you referenced regarding pointing the finger, where in Isaiah is that?

I received your books today, thank you very much. I really appreciate your kindness and I hope to use the Greek guide to get back into the language. I am starting a new job tomorrow so I have a lot on my plate, but it is my intention to set aside some time on a daily basis to devote to language study, please pray that I may conquer my weak flesh in this matter.

Yours in the Lord,


On 27 August 2016 at 01:41, chris bouter wrote:
Dear brother Ph.,

I am sorry that I pointed the finger at the brethren in Katwijk when I accused them of nepotism, because Pieter, who has a similar problem as I have, is admitted at the table of the Lord and I was not. The prophet Daniel confessed: 'We have sinned' I therefore say: I have sinned. Satan is the accuser of the brethren and what he says before the throne of the Lord, are not lies. As the original covering cherub Satan speaks the truth there and sees things we are not aware of ourselves. Things that are still to be exposed by the Holy Spirit in my own life. Also the prophet Isaiah says that when we stop pointing the finger and we break the bonds, then we will ask and He will answer us immediately.

Your books should arrive at the end of next week.


Chris bouter

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