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Open Letter to this World


Through this open letter I would like to thank you for all the wonderful things you have given me. I have enjoyed the best in foods and drinks. I have been educated at your colleges. I have exulted over the benefits of scientific technology. I have been blessed with the most advanced medicines. I have been protected by politics and justice. I have been given work to do to support my wife and children. I have rejoiced over the best things of literature, art and music. I have been practically cradled by your culture and all the boons of civilization, along with the wonders of your history. When I cannot support myself, you take care of my financial needs. I cannot pay you back, not even if I had billions. For the ecstacy I have experienced many a time transcends money!

But I have this against you that you do not worship Christ. He died on the cross for you, as it has been written: 'For God so loved the world that He gave His unique Son, so that anyone who believes in Him does not go lost, but have eternal life.' But you do not seem to care very much. Is it because we so-called Christians have so disappointed you that you reject our Lord along with us? This is the ravine between you and me! May God grant you the power to cross the only bridge-Believe in Christ! Or else God's wrath abides on you for ever, my dear friends. I say this with tears . . .

May the Lord bless you!

Frederick Christopher Bouter.

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