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MA Thesis

TITLE: The Late Roman Laws on Consanguinity and Affinity and their Patristic Background

This thesis was completed a long time longer than the time of my taking my MA classes at the department of Classics at Dalhousie University. This because of much personal trouble.

8 Languages were used in this thesis and a few years of research went into it and many trips to the excellent library at the University of Leiden. Also I had my local library in Gouda track down books and Festschriften from all over the world; for which thanks.

This book deals with marital laws in the late Roman empire (4th and 5th centuries). Consanguinity and affinity are central topics. The ancient codices of Theodosius and Justinian are studied, translations improved and the patristic and conciliar background expounded upon. The focal point concerns the laws about marriages between cousins and a man and his sister-in-law on the wife's side.

The everage reader might only find the appendices interesting.

Paperback for USD 19.50

Hardcover for USD 30.47.

If you first want to check the contents, here are the PDF and HTML files:

PDF file.

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