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Gospel of Love

This book is true to life in that Christians are often embroiled in conflicts between themselves. We tend to think that we are speaking in God's place and forget that there are many sides to life and that nobody has the absolute say about anything but God Himself.

Some of my personal frustrations, questions, wonderings and studies are elaborated into this novel. I know that I cannot please everybody and that some will be offended. I ask of the reader to bear with me and to try to have an open mind, if not heart, to what this book is about.

This christian bloggish novel is among other things a discussion about what heaven will be like. Will it be like the Muslim's paradise, or like the Christian's heaven? It is interspersed with background events to embellish the story. Also I have interlaced it with my ethical theology to lend backbone to the plot. If you are looking for compelling narrative drive, look away. This is more a fictitious diary full with philosophical ideas, a play of sorts, and is meant to educate rather than to entertain.

The bible says very little about the state of the blesseds in eternity. One might argue that people imagine a heaven that appeals to their own fancies. Yet, by using biblical principles and ideas, one can undertake to at least think about this. But of course also I cannot come up with clear-cut answers where God Himself in His wisdom keeps silence.

What then is the use of such a line of reasoning, one could ask. Well, it is useful to make us at least think about what is important now, by weighing our lives with the conscious knowledge that the short span of time allotted to us should embolden us to at once relativize our ambitions as also make us more serious about what our priorities should be.

Ideally a person's vision of eternity should determine his life on earth. Unfortunately we fail to be lifted up sufficiently from our vicissitudes to realize this. We tend to bog down in worldly cares. In this novel also the question is posed whether or not there is sex in heaven and whether or not children will be born in eternity on the new eternal earth and in the endless ages of future paradise. Despite the influences of unisex and militant feminism, men and women by nature regulate their lives as men and women. Our sexuality makes us determinedly men or women. Wisdom decrees us to allow for each other's natures, but our deepest longings are solely our own.

It is with these initial thoughts that I invite you to read this novel and to set out to re-evaluate your theology and philosophy of life. If all I succeed at is to make people at least wonder about the Christian's heaven, then I will be satisfied about this work.

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