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New Testament Greek For Beginners

The present book contains a course to learn the Greek of the New Testament. 42 lessons are given; every 7th lesson is a repetition.

Thanks to modern computer programs we can offer a unique method, as it was possible to order a vast number of data, so as to present them in a useful fashion.

An assimilating learning technique is used. One is immersed immediately into the Greek of the N.T., also called Koinè. At first one learns simple phrases. Later on these become complete sentences. In this way the student gets used to the Greek of the New Testament from the beginning and gradually is trained to advance.

Most grammar and vocabulary have been worked into the sentences and learning those one gets acquainted with the Greek in a playful way.

This is a very useful and commendable book for the beginner of New Testament Greek. For enough grammar and words are learned to set one on his or her way towards reading the New Testament by oneself.

We recommend the hardcover, as it is easier to handle, for lighter and smaller (small but sharp print); also it will stay longer in shape.

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