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Counsels and Commandments of the Lord Jesus in the New Testament

Institutio Scripturarum offers you this PDF document free of charge.

In this book we have collected many counsels and commandments from the New Testament. Not in the first place doctrinal texts, but recommendations for our talk and walk in this world.

Many Christians read all kinds of magazines, Bible commentaries and other things; but reading the Bible by itself, they hardly get to do that. And that though the Bible itself gives us the advice to long for the pure 'milk', as many of us are still babies in the faith. The Bible verses contained in this work are however also meant for those Christians that are already longer on their way to the heavenly City. For them the advice holds, from the Bible itself, that the Word of the Lord 'live richly among you'.

We have been very sparingly in providing comments, so as to let the Word speak for itself as much as possible. Somebody could counter that in that case one might as well just read the New Testament by itself. However in this book mainly direct and indirect counsels and commandments have been neatly collected as a subject by itself.

We have chosen the NKJ because of its clarity, beauty and reliability.

In this time of work pressure, in which many struggle with the use of their free time and accordingly find little time to read in the Book of books, may this work serve as an incentive to pay more attention to the bestseller of all times.

The Lord Jesus said that 'he that has my commandments and keeps them, he it is that loves me and he that loves me will be loved by my Father and I will love him and I will reveal Myself to him' (John 14. 21). Hence this book!

Paperback for USD 20.27

Hardcover for USD 38.51.

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