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this the world u want to live in ...

A philosopher a long time ago observed: ''Who does not laugh when one sees mankind!'' However when you are submerged in the blood, sweat and tears, then often you can only sigh, shout or weep. In ourselves it is a hopeless affair, because we cannot contain ourselves. However One came Who said about Himself that He is more than Solomon and Who implied to the young rich man that only God is good and that He is exactly that! He offers you His help.

56 Christian cartoon drawings to prick your conscience and to make you think about the world we live in. They are subdivided under common denominators.

Stand aloof and take a bird's-eye-view of history and today's culture!

Size 62 pages.

Paperback for USD 18.99 (7.5 by 7.5 inches)

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