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My BAH Thesis

TITLE: Cicero's De Natura Deorum and Minucius' Octavius: An Example of the Influence of Prechristian Philosophy on Christian Apologetics

This thesis was completed for my BAH degree at the department of Classics of Acadia University.

Ignoring the many quotes in Latin, the attentive reader may find it quite interesting to see that arguments and reasons of 22 centuries old and older are still employed today by religious people. For instance various arguments proposed between creationists and evolutionists today, and vice versa, can be traced back to similar reasonings as found here. Some of it is primitive theology, not at all as complicated as that of Aristotle.

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Hardcover for USD 28.05.

If you first desire to check the contents, here follow the PDF and HTML files:

HTML file.

PDF file.

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