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Who are we?

El Elohim gave me a hint. Just a nod. Just a wink. Then I knew. Then I understood. First, then and thusly, I turned my enemies over to the holiest vengeance of the Truly Highest. That was also the way to let it all go. To let them go. To understand the wretched past and to look forward to brightest future, where the true light would forever shine brighter and brightest. Then I turned those creeps of creeps over to the creepiest of monsters. Ugh. I certainly did not want this mess. Just the job for him . . .

Then I gave a certain power to the little green helpers. On the fifth day, soon into that day (not the dawn of dawns, but a dawn; a fresh start for the universe) they will lock those creeps of creeps into the Borgue cube and make 'm disappear into the blackest of blackest holes. There Eloah Mauzzim will keep them busy testing their ultimate technique (or so they think); to see whether or not their lighting keeps operating. They will be fooled by him, even though they sold their souls to him.

The most wretched and poorest of bastards alive! They really thought that they had found a way to beat El Elohim. Imagine! How dumb can one be! For a while, some 4000 years, they seemed right in their own eyes. "Just yet a little of this, then a little of that, and finito, job of jobs done and it is all over with HIM. Then we can have our eternal orgy and HE will be our Clown: the capital we grant Him by this, just to show that we are not the worst. After all HE could not know better. But we did. We believed and believe in Eloah Mauzzim and did anything (the worst of the worst, the dirtiest of the dirtiest, the unimaginable of the unimaginable and the most abominable of the most abominable) for him."

Ah, alas! Eloah Mauzzim knew better and still knows better. Now he will play their clown and philosopher king, together locked up by the little green helpers, in that Borgue cube. He can do it. O yes. He fooled them already for 4000 years. And in that black night (which they will think is their bright eternal dawn), he will be able to keep them busy, testing their electro-magnetic lights, fueled by fusion-fission. He will pull it off. Of course. They actually will think that they have invented the true perpetuum mobile and that El Elohim, with all that was His, had disappeared. Perhaps even committed suicide! Who cares! As long as we can have our eternal orgy!

And then, towards the end of the 6th day, the little green helpers will make them pop up again out of that blackest hole to face the real creep of creeps, the monster of monsters. Man o man! That will be some wildest of rides . . . Trying to tame one another . . .

But El Elohim, the Truly Highest, in HIS infinite Wisdom (against Him of course there is no wisdom, power of wile, or whatever ploy) has decreed that those days be short. Only 3 and a half years for an already dilapidated universe, robbed of its innocence by the second law of thermodynamics. Which is: 'All that thou desirest, is all thy law (and act on it and will it).'

Of course! How else could it be!? For El Elohim is so wise that HE cannot only play Satan to Satan, but also ELOAH MAUZZIM to Eloah Mauzzim!

Do you understand it now? Finally? Or do you need a little demonstration?

O yes, you asked who I am. Well, does that matter really? Is it not your own dear soul that is at stake here? Who knows, maybe I am captain Kirk, temporarily working together with doctor Spock! Who cares? What matters is your own eternal soul, dear reader. That is what counts!

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