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Solomon's Wedding

The queen sat on her throne at the right hand of Solomon. She had forgotten about her father, the mighty pharaoh of the great Egypt. All she saw was her spouse, wise Solomon, speaking to her and the crowd. She did not care, in this moment, about the jewels in her diadem. She looked at the gold crown of her husband, the king of Israel, God's chosen nation. She did not feel her satin robe, nor watched the silk of the training gown that was circled around her ebony seat. Her gaze went beyond the ivory seat of her leader as she stared at his forehead with raptured attention.

And Solomon continued his speech: Who would not be impressed by the unchecked beauty of a virgin forest! That is nature's femininity. Manly thoughts turn nature into gardens, fields and even cities. Natural people never develop the land. They choose to be reigned by the vicissitudes of nature. Their religion is always that man belongs to the earth, not that the earth belongs to man. Yet it would be a crime if we would plough the entire land over. Therefore its femininity must be partners with the masculinity of the sky. Surely heaven must reign, but not dominate, let alone enslave. We need the earth and the earth needs us to be elevated into something that it cannot be by itself.

So it is with the human mind. It is virgin territory when born. It is a receptacle for everything that is put into it. Yet at the same time, it grows all around that. Wild people brought up by animals and found in nature are characterized by the animals they grew up with. They bark and growl like dogs and walk on all fours, or they climb in trees. Heaven's grace must fill this receptacle with wisdom.

Music and poetry are best enjoyed during the femininity of the night and skills are often best developed during the manliness of the day. In music and poetry feminine rhythm and masculine order melt together. Sex is the crown for a good marriage. A good marriage makes for better sex and the two reinforce each other and with God they become a threefold cord that is not easily severed. It is a triune chord on a harp that moves around and resounds between the mountains.

Children are meant to be the fruit of this unfathomable union. And so the endless cycle of history is meant to be built on the foregoing ages, not rebel against them; rather answer them. All human activity can be explained as language and art, order and play, skill and spontaneity, masculine reign and feminine creativity; but also as suppression and naiveté, deception and foolishness, lawlessness and superstition, legality and idolatry, overly concerned order and demonized occultism, pedantry and gullibility. The more people there are, the more all these things tend to mingle. Therefore we are in the utmost need of God's teachings and we should feel dependent on Him all the time. He gives teachers and prophets to educate and to lead us. Adam and Eve were supposed to tend nature, but they were overwhelmed through their own desire to be like our Creator. Let us obey Him all the time, keep His precepts and love Him with all our heart, all our soul and all our might. Then we can love each other and the stranger that dwells among us.

Solomon loved and understood animals like nobody. A righteous man understands the life of his animal. We can learn from the dog how helpful and good it is to be faithful and to serve. Yet from the cat we can learn that it can be nice even to be smug and independent in our emotions. From the serpent we can learn how necessary it is to be cautious to the point of being sly. Yet we must maintain our innocence like the dove. God put all these virtues in the animals so that we might learn from them. However people are often vicious like sharks, deadly like poisonous snakes, stubborn like donkeys. When we go off on a tangent, our serpentine side becomes fatal, or, the other way, our innocent side becomes naive. It is a question of balance, just as in our bodies. Also in our spirits, grace and truth should be balanced. To overly accentuate truth spells an exaggeration of the law and to overly accentuate grace spells indulgence.

When entertaining the queen of Sheba: God manifests Himself as HE. He is occupied with Creation, the SHE. Love energizes the entire universe. God is Love. This is all pictured in the union of visible and invisible things, matter and non-matter, earth and heaven. Heaven is the he, earth is the she, mother nature. The man is the glory of the Lord, created in His image and bears His dignity. The woman is the glory of the man. The man longs to embrace her womb to perpetuate his own image, to make it flourish into a thousand sons. When I see a horse I see life. And life is love, elegance, energy and sexual fecundity. Is that why you have several tens of thousands of stallions and mares? Yes, certainly. They are part of a king's glory. What do you see, when you see a donkey? I see humbleness, servility, but also thralldom and stubbornness. Animals fell along with us, humans, and developed negative characteristics. However some of the original virtues are still there.

And people from all over the world came to hear king Solomon speak. Princes and beggars, kings and slaves, artists and craftsmen, they all traveled from far and wide to catch a glimpse of Solomon's fame. And God was honored. But the adversary was sorely displeased. They counseled together to approach the problem and to find Solomon's weakness. Now Solomon loved the sight of a beautiful woman. He loved to say things like 'Get drunk with the breasts of thy wife at all times,' and he marveled at the miracle of a man's innocent way that conquered the heart of a maiden. This the demons saw and it pleased them. 'Let us discourage him and make him take refuge in the arms of women.' The matter was as good as settled.

One day, after fulfilling his duty as a wise king, Solomon had grown tired of the foolishness, the pride and bickering of the common people. He strolled into his luscious garden and there he sat down on a bench with a flask of wine. Then all of a sudden he heard music. It reached him in pieces and desiring to hear the tune he sought out the source. In the corner of the garden he saw then a very fair maiden playing an unknown instrument. Her hair danced the length of her back and she was clad in a red garb with a girdle of brocade, draped down the middle and she moved with the music. She turned as she played and the cleavage of her full breasts clearly showed. Her skin was spotless and her complexion and eyes mysterious. The king was impressed not a little.

He married her as soon as possible. But what he did not know, was that the girl with her instrument was totally dedicated by her people to a Moabitic god. Solomon honored her greatly. And the more he loved her, the more she seduced him. She showed him things in foreign gods and goddesses he had never seen before. She advanced herself more or less as his de facto high priestess and selected one foreign virgin after another, all daughters of tax paying and subjected kings that made covenants with him; and all devoted to their respective gods and goddesses...

At first Solomon was impressed, then went with the flow and finally he was seduced and deceived. 'These foreign gods can do nothing against God's bidding.' And in a merry mood he even said that Satan himself was God's servant in a way and that he could do nothing against the will of YHWH. He fooled himself into believing that he was spiritually strong enough to study the occult and even to guide his foreign wives in this. And in this way even the Moloch was given a temple. And his wives kept on smiling and even gave him the occasional threesome in the back of a temple.

And so Solomon married many strange women, who worshipped many gods and goddesses. Yes, these women bowed down before all the host of heaven. And they influenced him, the man and king, once beloved of God. For Yedid-Yah was his nick name. Solomon began to reason, rightly to a certain degree, that all the angels, also Satan and the demons, had their respective functions that concerned all of humankind. YHWH is the sovereign Lord over all of them. They must all follow His holy will.

So far so good. But then the poison started working slowly and sapped the simplicity and purity of his spirituality. He reasoned that even the demons must serve God and so indirectly himself personally, the monarch of monarchs. And so poor Solomon got trapped in a quagmire. In his soul he felt lifted up into the seventh heaven. But the holy angels withdrew weeping.

The demons started influencing the entire court and eventually they gave the entire nation a bad reputation. It seemed one happy community, but underneath evil simmered. All his wives and concubines were happy and extremely begeisterd, even though they could possess him intimately only sporadically. Solomon, Yedid-Yah, had been truly great in his universal wisdom. With great precision he had pinpointed and clarified many things under the sun. However now a shadow fell over all his majesty. His activity reached a feverish pitch. His income was 666 talents of gold yearly, beside all the taxes that were paid by the nation and foreign peoples. It was proclaimed throughout the world: Let us worship, for a new age has dawned upon us. Heaven itself deigns to visit us with all its splendor. Let us all adore, o humankind!

A foreign ruler started ranting and raving in his household over against his sons and servants, and army captain, while enjoying a widely spread banquet: Solomon is both literally and figuratively the luckiest fucker alive. His God has even made the gods of the surrounding nations subject to him and practically given him a license to sin and to pursue any pleasure he imagines. I understand he marries a virgin every fortnight. He transplants himself into the seventh heaven by means of the best trained orchestras, while reposing in the most elaborate gardens. If Moses could see this, he would turn over in his grave. 'Be holy, for I am holy,' it says in their Torah. Well I think it is one crock of bull. But what leaves my heart troubled, is why this whole thing is possible at all. How can this YHWH be so mighty among all the gods? And the captain answers: Troubling indeed, sire. Israel is a conundrum, wrapped in a riddle and buried by an enigma. I am afraid we will never get to the bottom of it. We simply must make the best of it. Yes, and that means paying taxes to this know-it-all monarch. He carves his piece of flesh out of my pleasure. If only I could find a way to fool his tax collectors. But they are one step ahead of the game all the time. Heaven and earth seem to conspire to hand him paradise on a platter. Man, o man, women go completely haywire over this guy! This queen ... what's she called again? Do you mean the queen of Sheba? Yes, she comes from the ends of the earth to hear his so-called sagacity. They claim that when she left, she was pregnant and promised to be faithful to him for the rest of her life. But perhaps this is just hearsay. According to her no man can rival him in greatness, knowledge and wisdom. Apparently those were her parting words. I wonder whether she will ever hear that foreign deities are crowding around him now. But what enthusiasm! I myself have to watch my seraglio with the eyes of a hawk...

When the idolatry became national and king Solomon had advanced in age, he was visited by an important prophet. The Shulamite was supposed to be your wife. The law of Moses warns kings against the multiplication of gold, horses and women. Symbols of decadent luxury and vainglorious power the heathen amass. You sinned in all three points. You should have been content with a donkey and with carriers, o king Solomon! Then your greatness would have been established before God and men. Now the sword will not leave your throne. And Solomon humbled himself under the rebuke. A glimmer of hope shone in his eyes as he remembered the Shulamite. That woman symbolized Jerusalem and our love for YHWH. After all God was still speaking through him! And then he returns to the daughter of pharaoh and improves his relationship with her. I will be like 70 wives to you, o king Solomon! Am I not the most experienced in all things of your wisdom? Yes, and I will let the young brides wonder what I see in you! We will revive the days of our youth, my darling. They counsel each other and he becomes one more time the Kohelet, the preacher. But he did not call himself anymore the king of Israel, only of Jerusalem. Think of your Maker in the time of your youth, o young man! Pursue your desires and get what you can, but think about it that one day you will have to answer to your Maker... The end of the matter is to keep the precepts of YHWH. Listen to Him, love Him with all your heart, with all your soul and with all your might and your fellow man like yourself!

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