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The Satanist

The young evangelist reclines in his seat as the plane is far in its flight towards Rio de Janeiro and he continues reading a book on the person of Satan by a certain Jennings. Next to him had been sitting a distinguished gentleman in a dark blue three piece suit of a peculiar cut and made of an unknown cloth. All of a sudden the man starts talking.

"We pray to Satan daily and ardently so that not only those among you that have public functions will be destroyed, but that Christians in general may be more and more divided by both silly squabbles and serious issues. We beseech our dark and cold Lord, Master and Teacher. that your marriages turn into hells of adultery, divorce and fights. We beg our archdaemon to curse you all with all the trouble in the world, so that your lives will rot."

The young evangelist had turned pale, and sweat stood in the palms of his hands. The man next to him in the plane had a very imposing personality, whereas he himself had difficulty to suppress a trembling of his limbs. The eyes of the man next to him bespoke total mastery and security. The airs of his body language were disguised in a strange way. He spoke very articulately, whereas his own thoughts were practically lamed. He wasn't even aware that he could not pray, as he was wont to wherever he was witnessing. Slowly he mastered himself however and ventured a question.

"But do you people think that in hell you'll be safe with Satan ruling there forever? Aren't you afraid of an eternal punishment for your rebellion and schemes against God?"

"I'm not afraid at al," the man sneered. "Some young Satanists are fooled into believing that they'll be safe in hell, and rule with Satan there forever. But we, up in the highest echelons, know better."

The young evangelist wanted to ask something, but he could not utter it. All he produced was a stuttering 'but'.

The Satanist smiled, almost sympathetically, then looked straight ahead again, as if gazing into eternity itself. Then continued, "We know that we, and even Satan himself, will suffer there forever at the hands of God's holy angels. God's holy, elected angels will be the rulers in hell, not Satan and we."

"How, for heaven's sake can you face such a reality?" the young evangelist finally mastered to ask.

"It is because we hate and despise God. We take consummate pride in going into such a reality."

"I don't understand at all," the young evangelist said with a sheepish look. Yet he started feeling a little more secure now.

"You couldn't ever. Your very brain would melt if you would have the personal sessions with Satan that I have."

The young evangelist did tremble this time. The Satanist pretended not to see it. "We love Satan with all our hearts, souls, understandings and powers. You Christians, just do not realize what despicable critters you are in our sight."

"I only want to add that we actually want to go to hell. You Christians at the most suffer here a little bit of shit for say seventy years then you will be cradled by eternal bliss that comes from a God that veils everything in mystery. He asks me to believe that He is holy, just and loving. Yet He let Satan fall. Just look around you and see for yourself what a crazy tragicomedy this world is."

"But we, humans, are causing that at Satan's instigation," the young evangelist said with renewed courage.

The man just grinned back, showing two perfect rows of teeth. "You forget, young man, that God allows it all. Now how can He do that when He is supposed to be all loving. I know He is almighty and omniscient. Yes, He is infinitely more powerful than our beloved Master, but all loving, hell no!"

"God is love. He gave His only begotten Son. He could not give more."

"Doesn't make sense to me. He first allows us all to fall, only then to save us. Thank you!"

"But He did not want us to be robots."

"I know that also. But why then does the bible talk of the elected angels. They are not robots either. Yet why did the greatest angel of all have to fall? That also angels are elected shows that God is not just and loving."

"I'm not aware of that particular Scripture."

"You call yourself a Christian and you don't even know your bible!?"

The young evangelist froze again. A temporary silence fell. Then the young evangelist mustered some courage and said, "God created Satan perfect. So he did have the power to live up to his responsibility. Perhaps he would have gone to a state of permanent holiness, if he had remained faithful."

The Satanist shrugged his shoulders. "Perhaps is not good enough."

"But," the young evangelist said with even more courage, "When Satan fell, and one third of the angels with him, the elected angels could have fallen as well theoretically. But they continued to live up to their responsibility, and they do so up till now; except fot the angels of Genesis 6."

"That's nonsense, they have been elected and cannot fall from their responsibility. The book of Revelation states that Satan drew one third of the stars with him. Why suppose a separate group? It ain't right, I know from himself that Genesis 6 was one big celestial conspiracy to seduce humankind by taking in the women. That way human blood would have been fouled up and the seed of the woman could not have come. The demons had a marvelous time, materializing and having sex with earthly women. Now they can only do it in their spiritual essences, and on a limited scale, as you will read further on in that book by Kurt Koch that you have also there. But this scares most women. They experience it as rape. Not so in Genesis 6."

The young evangelist was totally silenced. His brain was entirely overwhelmed. Then his curiosity got the better of him and he said, "Can I ask you a question?"

"Sure, fire away!"

"Do you Satanists dare to curse the Holy Ghost?"

"No," the man answered, almost snapping. "If we do, we are killed on the spot. Not even Satan does dare to curse the Holy Spirit, not even God. Humans do though. We, Satanists, only swear off the Holy Spirit."

"I'm sure that that is not the sin against the Holy Ghost. You people can still be saved then."

"Don't come evangelizing to me, young man. You would be wasting your time."

"I have the responsibility to do so. Look, dear Sir, you are betting that you are right. This jives with Solomon's words that the sinner is good in his own eyes. But if your bet is wrong than God will make you live to regret it. For every knee will bow before Christ."

"Don't push Pascal's wager argument on me. I am not betting, I feel positively convinced."

The young evangelist almost got tears in his eyes. "Yes, Sir, you are betting. If my faith were a bet, I have nothing to lose when I die. But you have everything to lose."

"My young friend, I consider eternal hell an honor."

"You won't, once you are there. God will know how to make you regret it to your eternal dishonor."

"That's just your bloody faith that makes you say that." He was a little bit miffed now.

"Look, I will pray for you. Only God can reach you."

"I won't let Him." Silence again fell for a while.

"To come back to your prayers against Christians. I do not have to worry. If some day I am seduced by a beautiful woman, and the world will cry foul, then God will restore me again. It says that the righteous will fall seven times and yet rise up again. When we fall we die a little more to our pride. That is good. It is God's crucible that refines us like gold."

The Satanist did not answer, but stared out in front of himself through the window as the plane was approaching the airport. The young evangelist continued. "Whatever happens to us. it will work out for our good, as Romans 8 states."

"But Satan will use it to even more advantage for himself," the Satanist laughed.

"He won't be able to outsmart God. You yourself admitted that. God is infinitely more powerful."

"I know that. But a king's honor is in the multitude of his subjects. Satan is still the big winner."

"Some winner! At any rate, there will be more people in heaven than in hell. Because of the death rate of babies in old times, and the abortion rates today and the morning after pill will take care of that."

"You think you got me now, don't you? Every soul in hell is an eternal triumph for us. It witnesses against God's so-called love. How can a God, who is supposed to be love, torture somebody for ever?"

"Because the rejection of God during a short earthly life, is an absolute denial of an infinitely holy and eternal God. The appropriate punishment, therefore, is absolutely eternal rejection on God's part."

"That just suits me fine!" the Satanist said with a hard face.

"Just one more question, Sir."

"What's that?"

"Why did you open up to me as you did?"

"I don't fear you a bit. It was to show my superiority."

"But you did not convince me!"

"That doesn't matter. I am still convinced! Good bye!"

"Good bye, and may God convict your heart!"

The Satanist threw those words away with a wave of his right hand, and did not consider the young evangelist worthy of any more look. As the young man walked into the terminal, he was actually glad, and praised God. Usually, whenever he came to Brazil, he felt like descending a narrow flight of stairs, into a pit full of snakes. But not this time. He was even whistling the tune of "There is power in the blood, in the blood of the lamb." That evening, reading about the fall of Lucifer in his bible, he said to himself, "I do not understand the mystery of iniquity, but the Holy Ghost witnesses in my heart that God is purest love. If it were not so, then not even heaven would exist. A psychopathic God could never be trusted. If God were psychopathic then both heaven and hell would be even a far greater torture than that Satanist thinks he is going to get. Now God will be gracious to him even in hell. Because he will only get what he deserves."

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