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Anonymous: "The stuff of Sufi tradition has it that King Solomon floated around on enormous magic carpets with an attendance of hundreds of persons. Instead of exaggerating the person of Solomon, they would do better to heed God's wisdom (in those books)."


"Short Stories" This bundle of short Christian realistic stories is meant to make you think, to entertain you and perhaps to educate you. Weep with me, ponder with me and maybe laugh with me. I have striven for some kind of Christian realism in my fiction.

Read a few stories.

My latest stories (to be added to once in a while).

"Gospel of Love" A fictional tale full of biblical advice and the description of a growing conflict, true to life, between an evangelizing Bible basher and one of his adepts.shifty icon

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Paperback USD 18.45

Hardcover USD 38.45

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