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Once upon a time a boy was born in Germany. He had the unfortunate name of Fritz Hitler. While he grew up his interest in history increased in proportion. One day he stumbled on the book 'Mein Kampf' by Hitler. This was bound to happen one day, as his father had been an SS-man and still possessed a large library of N.S.D.A.P. material. At home they never spoke about WW II, Jews, or fascism. But his father still cherished some memories of the time of Deutschland über Alles. Fritz became more and more fascinated by the ideas and character of Hitler. At twelve he daydreamed about the Aryan brotherhood; but he could not join the local chapter because of his age. But at sixteen he fell in with a neo-Nazi group. However his parents emigrated to the USA. It did not take long and he had found the local KKK. He adored them as heroes of the dawn of a new age. From then on he wanted to be called Adolf Hitler, according to his idol and far away relative.

Not long after he becomes schizophrenic, but his KKK buddies notice nothing. On the contrary, they love his enthusiasm and enormous energy. He is invited to hold a speech at the next gathering. In the murk of the night they go to the local lake. They light a cross at the edge of the water. The wind sweeps over the lake and the waves beat against the rocks, while he gesticulates theatrically. He throws all his passion into the soliloquy.

"Like the rocks here stand the power of the waves, so we must stand up for our beliefs." His audience nod their heads in agreement.

"But we must not only speak out, we must act on our convictions. Let us therefore end this night gloriously by destroying the local Jewish cemetery. If anybody disagrees let him leave us now and hold his peace forever, lest we recompense his betrayal." The other clan members shout in approval of these words. Having finished his speech, Fritz shakes both his fists in the air and subsequently slams his right-hand fist into the palm of his left hand.

The emotions had been swept along so much by Fritz that the leaders, instead of feeling jealousy over his taking the lead, only goaded the entire horde on to act out this atrocity at once. The gang of hooligans slunk under the cover of the night toward the isolated place, where graves old and new were lying. They trampled on the flowers, overturned the gravestones and smashed whatever was in their way. And so disturbed in brutal fashion the age old solemn peace of the cemetery. Then they left with their heads proudly tilted upward, except for Fritz. He stayed on throughout that night, walking disorientated about the place. He was drunk with victory and entirely too ecstatic to sleep or think coherently. High-strung thoughts fluttered through his insane mind. One moment he saw himself as a great leader, a Führer, another moment he saw himself at the head of an army exterminating all Jews and homosexuals. The sun rose and slowly a plan was formulated in his schizoid brain. An elderly Jewish shopkeeper once had spoken out against him. As the plan took shape, so increased his fervor. He went home and fetched his stiletto. As it was still early, he wrote in his diary some incoherent slogans, which he entitled 'Hitler's Aphorisms.' A little later he left the house and awaited the shipowner.

From a distance he observed a girl approaching. She had waist long hair as black as jade, walked gracefully and was dressed classically. It did not take long or he recognized her.

"That is Naomi, his youngest daughter. Well, is she in for somethin'!" he muttered.

She did not know him, however. He positioned himself in front of the door. The idea shot through his befuddled mind to rape her. But then she addressed him already.

"Who are you and what are you doing here?" His eyes started sparkling as a sudden answer occurred to him.

"I am Judas reincarnated as an Aryan to kill the Jews!" And then with a Blitz move he drew his stiletto and stabbed her into the heart.


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