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     Everybody his own god?


A passionate plea for 'the faith once delivered to the saints'.

This booklet can be seen as an intermediate introduction to my ethical theology, the cartoons about vices and virtues being the most simple introduction (see here about the latter) and the ethics subsite can be considered as class 301.

It is a passionate plea for the christian faith in this so-called age of postmodernism, in which so many ideas and words have been hollowed out by misguided thinkers. It introduces the term of autotheism as an explanation of original sin as seen at work in the depths of our hearts and souls.

Preface: Many people know Jesus only as a cuss word. The word sin is thought to be used by overly religious folks. The communists in the former USSR considered religion a disease to be treated in a re-education camp. Nobody has ever seen God. Yet the Bible claims that some did and talked about it. A loving God would not torture people in hell. Yet Christ Jesus warned about a fire in the afterlife that cannot be quenched. He cannot have talked about some coal fire. Therefore it must be some kind of soul fire.

The 8 Main Ideas About God: Religions are summed up as being 8 in number; monotheism, mysticism, pantheism, polytheism, rationalism, agnostic materialism, the antireligion atheism and Satanism. The Christian form of monotheism is seen as the truth, from which the other isms deviate on the right and on the left, with Satanism as the nadir of depravity. Mysticism is seen as an overly emotional dedication of the soul, pantheism as too impersonal and polytheism as a hopeless attempt to please capricious gods. This as worsening forms of aberration on the right. On the left rationalism is an exaggeration of reason, agnostic materialism as a pursuit of goods and services that in the end cannot satisfy and atheism as a pluck-the-day philosophy that gives you no hope in the end. Satanism is a hate reaction against a God who is seen as totally unreasonable and evil is preached as a good in itself. But if Satan is to be our liberator, then the God of Judeo-Christianity is far more powerful; for He made his royal badness. And so Satanists can never hope to escape His fury.

Why We Humans Are Lost In Ourselves: In the end every form of philosophy, religion, science and politics ends or at best takes on a new jacket. The heart of the problem is autotheism. We all want to play god in our worlds, big or small. We want to go it alone and either reason God away or change His image into something we are comfortable with. This idolatry of self is doomed and is bound to incur the wrath of an all-holy God. If Napoleon had had space ships, he had wanted to be pronounced god. Mormons actually preach that their adherents can attain divinity. Human nature is shown to be hopelessly caught up in autotheism and in this way actually is dangerously autistic. Christians commit the same sins. (Christendom has failed, but Christ's message is still just as original). Because God is infinite and eternal, the punishment for rejecting an eternal God is also eternal and means one will be for ever separated from Him. If God had executed Adam and Eve, His power would have been shown; but not His Love.

God As Judge And Savior: Either God is your judge or your Savior. If Christ has been judged in your place, then God is your Savior. If you reject Christ's sacrifice wrought on the Cross, then He remains the Judge you one day will have to face. That we are guilty before God can be seen in the fact that supposedly good German fathers changed into murderers of 6 million Jews and into a relentless machine that killed over 20 million Russians. The argument is that such a thing could also happen to any civilization. Also to you and me. Judaism and Islam either deviate into rationalism or into a form of mysticism. There is only salvation possible through the sacrifice of Christ.

Being Born Again: The very essence of Christianity is to confess that Christ is the Lord of the universe and to believe that God raised Him from the dead. When you do this, then you are truly born out of God. Also here there are aberrations on the right and on the left that make Christendom a confusion.

Epilogue: Most people try to play god to their very last breath. Sometimes one is convinced to change deities. Christianity teaches a life style of pilgrimage in a world that keeps crucifying Christ.

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