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     Excerpt For Three Times Christology

The book 'Three Times Christology' contains an important study that defends the absolute Godhead of Christ in accordance with clear statements in the Bible. The analysis of Christ's suffering on the cross, is also conducive to a better understanding of providence and election. Often theology is confused here, or simply ignores or denies other biblical statements. These may seem at odds with one another; however the Lord does not give us inconsequent contradictions, but paradoxes!

The most extensive study of this triplet is an introduction to biblical types and antitypes. The Bible is rich in symbolism and in this way often teaches us the greatest spiritual truths.

You can also save these studies individually as HTML or PDF files to your computer by opening the christology page. But personally we prefer the present design; as it is simply fun!

Short Analysis of Christ's Suffering on the Cross: Matters like 'For whom did Christ die?' and "Who killed Jesus?' are looked upon from four different vantage points. It is shown that all these view points are legitimate and that they point out various verities that are not contradictions, but that are in harmony with each other and that do justice to the truth.

Christ's Absolute Divinity: This article addresses various salient truths about Christ's Person. Also His humanity is drawn into the picture. Main ideas of the Watch Tower Society (the organization of the Jehovah Witnesses so-called) are confronted. Bible verses as 'In Him dwells all the fulness of the divinity bodily' are shown to contradict the blasphemous idea the Christ is merely the first angel God created. Only Jesus as the God-Man could accomplish the salvific Work. No animal, human or angel was worthy enough to be the substitutionary sacrifice for our sins. Also the idea of the annihilation of the soul is touched upon.

Symbolism and Typology in the Bible: The four gospels are explained as describing Christ Jesus from four different aspects. This is compared with historiographies about other historic people. For instance Napoleon can be seen as a military genius, as a political figure that prescribed a code of law, or as a man with a family. It is shown that the Holy Spirit, as the grand editor of the Bible, has interwoven these four different aspects not only in the characters of the patriarchs, but also in things like the main offerings and even of the materials that were used in the construction of the tabernacle. Some prophecies are mentioned that corroborate the idea of this many sided study. Also a case is made that this proves that the Bible is not a loose collection of books, but that they are in a definite superhuman harmony, despite their having been written over a period of several millennia.

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