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Reactions by Students:

I prefer this course as the grammar and vocabulary have been worked into easy-to-learn sentences. Other online courses are too technical and bookish. Ms. Ruby Johnson, Australia.

I like this course very much. The Greek of the New Testament is an interesting and beautiful language; particularly the etymology and the system of word endings. Mrs. Prendargast, England.

I can now refer to the original Greek text and with the help of a dictionary I can navigate reasonably well in the Greek New Testament. In this way I am also now able to check out and compare translations. Mr. Rothbergen, West-Verginia, USA.

Of many words I now know the background, also in modern languages. The original meaning of words gives more content and even sense to Bible texts. Also I see more connections because of the philological and historical development. Mr. Krueger, Texas, USA.

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