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Sapientia per Scripturas
et Spiritum Sanctum (Wisdom through the Scriptures and
the Holy Spirit)

YHWH: "Yea, I have loved thee with an everlasting love; therefore with lovingkindness have I drawn thee!"

Credo of Institutio Scripturarum

In this section you will not find any lofty creeds such as the one by Athanasius. There is no creed set up by any human that can fully represent or encompass the Word of God. The Bible is like a sea in which an elephant can swim and from which a mouse can drink. The New Testament mentions that even angels desire to look into what God has given in the Bride of Christ Jesus, the Church. Of course they understand far more of the Bible than we, but they also look far more ahead and entertain angelic curiosity as to what all the implications are for the future and for all eternity.

There is only one (triune) God and Christ Jesus says: "I am the Way and I am the Truth and I am the Life, nobody comes to the Father but through Me." But we Christians have made such a mess of what God has entrusted to us that we are the laughing stock of mockers. Please, dear reader, have the wisdom to distinguish between what we Christians do and what Christ Jesus preached!

The Lord God wrote two books, nature (creation) and the Holy Bible. He is writing, I dare say, a third book: history! The first one is like a divine picture album and the second one consists of the oracles of God. The third book is kind of a collage of the films of lives great and small and we all are writers thereof!

The three great books actually interact and the battles are fought out in our hearts. So does the Bible say that the very earth moves beneath us because of unrighteous people (cf. Prov. 30.21; Amos 8.8). [And you, my friend, presume to blame God for natural disasters?! Be careful not to claim that God cannot be a God of Love. Attempt to accept that His ways are infinitely higher than ours. All I can say here is that He is neither some kind of Saint Nick, nor some kind of bogeyman.]

Even though all future unto all eternity is known to God Almighty, Who lives in eternity, as in a flash (even all the smallest particles of matter of the new heaven and earth are known to Him); not everything is fixed and predetermined. [So it is possible to die 'outside of your time' (earlier or later)! {See Eccl. 7.17}] This is a wonderful contradiction, a paradox. And therefore Christians are not fatalists.

To understand life and to some extent nature, takes an open ear and an open eye (spiritually, psychologically, mentally and physically). The ear and eye of our heart can only be enlightened through a careful and prayerful perusal of the Bible under the continuous guidance of the Holy Spirit. There is a mutually strengthening relationship between theory and practice. The better we understand the Bible, the better we can live in accordance with God's will. And the better we do that, the more we will learn to understand. The most important matter in this regard is that we open up our hearts for the workings of the Holy Spirit, so that He can shine into and clean up the cobwebs that clog up the chambers of our hearts.

Life is like a jungle of emotions and all sorts of vicissitudes. But true Love will find a way! Eventually, if we persevere, the King of the universe will reward us for not giving up. A believer, the Bible says, must believe that God exists and that He is a rewarder of those that seek Him. Ours is the task just to follow in Christ's footsteps, just to be Christians worthy of His Name.

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