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The New Testament Greek Course

Your Word is a light for my way through life and a lamp for my path through this world. Every Scripture has been inspired by God and is profitable for education, for conviction, for correction, for raising somebody in righteousness; so that a man or woman of God may be complete, rendered fit for every good work.

We help you to grow in the knowledge of the Greek New Testament!!

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We thank you for your interest in our New Testament Greek (correspondence) course. In this time of many translations it is a useful exercise to check out for yourself how the Word of God was written about 2000 years ago. Throughout the centuries God took care that the autographa (the original manuscripts of the New Testament writers themselves) were reproduced with an accuracy of 99%. Human error accounts for only 1% in minor variations, and 0.1% in major variations. But also here nothing of Christian doctrine is uncertain.


Following this course is of course not only conducive to comparing translations. What do you think the effect will be on your memory? You will memorize much more and automatically so while learning the Greek of the New Testament. Through perusing the original text things will strike you that may have gone unnoticed in your normal readings. Then there is etymology (the study of original meanings). Here a new world opens up for every student of New Testament Greek. So, for example, one of the characteristics of the wisdom from above (epieikeia= mildness, gentleness): comes down to us from the word 'eikos' (which in turn comes from 'eoika', meaning 'resembling,' 'looking alike' and from there 'seeming' and 'beseeming'); meaning 'probable,' natural,' 'seemly,' 'reasonable.' And therefore it has been described as 'sweet reasonableness!'

Too difficult?

Does the Greek alphabet scare you? Shouldn't be too much of a problem! You know already more letters than you realize, namely: A B Z I K O T and of course the pi and the omega. Are you afraid the grammar will turn out to be too difficult? If you have managed to learn one foreign language in school, then this course should not be too difficult; with the necessary perseverance of course. But know this: 'Ars longa, vita brevis!'


The course consists of 42 lessons, every seventh lesson is a repetition. You will be taught about 2000 words ranging from the most frequent to the more unusual. This is about half of the vocabulary of the New Testament. The lessons have been prepared with modern computer programs, and are richly furnished with background information that will enhance your knowledge of and about the New Testament. Thanks to such programs we can offer you a unique method of learning New Testament Greek, for the Greek texts have all been taken from the New Testament and the sentences you learn have been arranged according to grammatical patterns from very easy in the beginning to more difficult as you progress in the course. You should be able to assimilate the language with not too much difficulty and you will be reading the original New Testament from the beginning. (This course does not contain any doctrinal information typical of any denomination; it is entirely based on the grammar of the N.T.).


You can set your own pace of learning. You can choose to take as many lessons a month as you please. At a tempo of six lessons per month you have to reckon with an average study of one hour a day. Three lessons a month will take you probably half an hour a day.

To learn the Greek alphabet in a playful way, click here!

Teach yourself Greek words (from frequent to infrequent). After installation open the library in the program first.

For Access to the FREE Online N.T. Greek Course (Individual Lessons), click here!

    If you do not want to be bothered with printing out this course, we advise you to purchase our:

  • New Testament Greek For Beginners (473 pages) Paperback USD $ 47.87 plus shipping and handling [currencies can fluctuate] Printing On Demand.

  • New Testament Greek For Beginners (473 pages) Hardcover USD $ 58.25 plus shipping and handling [currencies can fluctuate] Printing On Demand.

This course is free of charge when you want to study on your own. If you desire assistance, then there is a charge; as follows:

The course can be bought with the right to assistance and the correction of homework. Experience teaches that help is very necessary. Also, sending in the homework regularly will support you in the process of discipline and perseverance.

Assistance [by e-mail to ] for the first 3 lessons is FREE. For lessons 4 through 10: USD $27.35.

If after this you may desire to continue, you can purchase assistance for lessons 11 through 42: USD $99.95.

You can enroll rightaway for assistance for lessons 1 through 42 (and save US $12.35): USD $114.95.

Without assistance and correction: FREE ACCESS.

Here you can enroll anytime for assistance and correction of homework for a fee.


You can make your homework in Word, Open Office or Word Perfect and email it to us. In order to type Greek, you must install a Greek font on your computer and select it in your text program. If you do not have Greek on your computer you can download the Greek font here. Install it in your Windows System files under FONTS. (However if you are using a smartphone and/or do not want to install the font, try to write the Greek as faithfully as possible with English letters).

Assistance and correction of homework of the entire course is meant to be done in 1 year (if you need more, you must pay extra [USD 89.35 per year]).

If upon consulting the free course you desire the right to correction of and assistance with the homework; you can always purchase that. If you still have other wishes, just let us know.

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