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         My anti conspiracy thoughts

In connection with the WTC disaster there are conspiracy theories that have been proposed. Such as that the airliner did not fit the size of the building. A terrorist passport was found in good order, whereas everything else was destroyed. The building simply could not have collapsed because of the crash, despite all the kerosine. And so on and so forth.

There have been many conspiracy theories about all kinds of 'hidden agendas'. King David also had a hidden agenda when he conspired with his army to have Uriah killed, the husband of Bathsheba. We all, in fact, have hidden agendas. They are called our sins, not exposed yet by the Holy Spirit to our consciences.

There have been the hidden agendas of the Nazis, for example. And history will expose these schemes, whatever they might be. But conspiracy theorists tend to set people on edge and alienate them from their Christian calling; even turning some into enemies of whoever. Whereas the bible teaches us in Ephesians chapter six that our battle is not against flesh and blood, but against the dark demonic powers in the air.

A conspiracy theory has been spread in the USA, claiming that the RCC through the Jesuits is infiltrating the entire earth at all levels. They argue that this is the real world wide treachery and that all other conspiracy stories are but smokescreens of what is really going on. Now every church tries to grow and so the RCC.

The real conspiracy that is out there is the one by Satan himself who with his divide and conquer tactics sets up people against each other. Communists against capitalists, Muslims against Westerners, colored against white, Protestants against Catholics and so on. And in this way he succeeds in polarizing us and occupying our hearts with negative feelings and thoughts. Moreover, let us Christians think on the Bible text that our battle is not against flesh and blood, but against demonic powers in the heavenly places.

Curiosity killed the cat. We Christians need not know the depths of Satan. We know that Satan is called the god of this age in the Bible and that the world lies in the evil one and that he is the murderer of humans and the liar from the beginning; so that is what we can expect. We need not know how God, Who is infinitely greater than Satan, rules through him in this regard and of course also directly in our hearts and through the unfallen angels. We need to gather treasures in heaven and we need to serve, honor and worship our Lord as the supreme treasure of our hearts. This kind of super occult knowledge would only confuse us and distract us, if not worse.

Frederick Christopher Bouter.

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