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Chess Game Against Fritz 8

Download my victory over Fritz 8 at a hash size of 800 MB here, to load it into your Fritz game console. (Download the .zip file and put the game2.pgn file in a location you can find. Then go to File in Fritz8 and then to Open and Database. When Database loads, go to Open again and find the game2.pgn file. Click on it and it will open in the Database; then load the game). Happy analyzing!

I had already played a draw at 200 MB, that I could have won, as appeared later.

Here the winning game:

The end position--at which the computer gave up:

It is hard to point out the losing move on the computer's part, but when it played a7-a5 as its 12th move; things went downhill for Fritz 8.

Of course I lost many games at this hash size; but the point is that a mediocre chess player with an ELO rating of only about 1800 can technically still beat the computer at this level (international grand master).

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