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A while ago I reached an IQ score of 154 in a test for differences in sequels of complicated figures. I knew that, generally speaking, this was too high for my overall IQ. Yet probly it was true in that area, just as my numerical IQ is just as high.

However, in the Stanford-Binet test I reach an IQ of about 135 (when I feel well). 140 and higher means that one belongs to the highest 2 percent of the general population and then you are eligible for Mensa, the club for intelligent persons.

In comparable tests of Mensa I reach a score between 123 and 127 and that is about 4 points too low for that club.

This may all sound supercilious, but I would like to say that one should not be discouraged by an IQ test. For it is very well possible that in a dynamic way you excel at something through perseverance, dedication and stamina.

Then, it is important for Christians that Solomon teaches that we should trust in the Lord with all our heart and not to lean on your own understanding (but that does not mean, of course, that you must then de-activate your brain as in certain Hindu and other meditative techniques). For me this means that ultimately true wisdom and insight depend on your relation with God and that you can continue growing in a dynamic manner, as long as you do not become smug, selfconceited and tripped over by haughtiness....!

Dated: 2017-10-02

Aged 12, 20 and 35 respectively:

Aged 54, just before I quit smoking.

In this site I say a few things, among which, what must be in the ears of a Catholic, blasphemous accusations. I know that Paul did not insult the Ephesians or the Athenians, but he also said that what is wrong should be exposed. Elsewhere he implies that behind the gods and goddesses like Diana, there are demons that are active. Because of such teachings people like Alexander the silver smith, greatly opposed him. It was blasphemy in the eyes of the latter.

The apostle Paul called himself the most important sinner and like him I myself do not claim to be a saint. Only Christ could say: Who convicts me of sin! Yet I believe that the Lord is using me to warn the Catholics, whether Roman, Greek or Russian (even the Copts). Personally I am planning nothing against the Vatican, but I fear the Lord is. On the contrary, I would like to be left alone, to pray for this universe.

I have been voicing some of my thoughts against Catholic doctrine for years and that has not been appreciated. Things have been complicated due to my mental problems, among which depression, fear and anxiety play a role. Sometimes, I admit, it looked like possession by demons. I am not going to defend myself in this regard.

Lately (2018) the stark implications of Bible texts like Many have been called, but few have been chosen have hit home on my soul. This means that when I go outside to the market and even when I visit a church, that most are lost forever! In answer to this I can only say to myself, with Abraham, Shall the Judge of all the earth not do justice?!

Given this reality, I can understand that people want to fight God. Which will prove to be futile. Nobody can beat the odds against the Almighty, Omniscient, Omnipresent and All-Holy God.

Given this reality I stand in silence and wonder how yet so much can be more or less OK. At this moment I tend to say to myself: Chris, just shut up, for you know nothing. And indeed the Lord says, by the mouth of the apostle Paul If somebody seems to know something, he does not yet know as he should know.

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Christ Jesus: "It would be better if a millstone were put on somebody's neck and he were thrown into the depth of the sea,

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