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I have never really been a vacationing person. When still married we went every year with the children to a Bible camp in a beautiful local spot, with a view on the bay of Fundy and at the foot of Cape Blomidon (Nova Scotia, Canada). I have some precious memories from those days. Other than that I was sniffing my books.

I have not been in many countries. Born in Holland, I emigrated to Canada in 1979 and remigrated in 1991. As a child and young teen I was taken on vacations to Germany, Switzerland and French speaking Belgium, from where I have as many sister-in-laws (besides 2 from the Netherlands; you guessed it, many brothers, 7, and only 1 sister...poor thing).

In travel companies I went twice on a ski vacation to Poland (at the turn of the year of 1991/92 and of 1992/93) and once to a cloister in England (1994), when we also visited Buckingham Palace.

Then in 1996 I was for 2 days in New York, when I took some pictures of the World Trade Center at the occasion of obtaining my MA. As far as Canada itself is concerned, as implied, we lived in Nova Scotia, went once to Ontario and Quebec (1990) and once to Prince Edward Island (1987). In Ontario we visited my eldest brother Alfred Bouter and it took 2 days of each 10 hours driving to travel the 1600 kilometers. In Montreal we visited the brethren assembly.

Pictures Taken During a Vacation by My Son and Me in October of 2016 in the Province of Nova Scotia in Canada.

Pictures of beautiful spots in the Netherlands..

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