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Anonymous: Art is very subjective, but should not degenerate into either snobism on the one hand, or tastelessness on the other; let alone into kitsch or distastefulness.

Old and New Creation

In this series of paintings I express the Old & the New creations.

The 8 Days of Creation

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My Painting Gallery I--The 8 Days of Creation

Copyright--Chris Bouter
1st day--Let there be Light!

Copyright--Chris Bouter
2nd day--Let the waters divide

Copyright--Chris Bouter
3rd day--Let the earth appear; let the green grow

Copyright--Chris Bouter
4th day--Let the lights shine

Copyright--Chris Bouter
5th day--Let waters and air teem

Copyright--Chris Bouter
6th day--Let 2 be 1 flesh

Copyright--Chris Bouter
7th day--Let there be rest

No Copyright--Source Unknown
8the day--Behold, I make all things new!

No Copyright--Source: Webshots
Thee We Worship, Lord

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