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Anonymous: Art is something very subjective, but is better not watered down neither in snobism on the one hand, nor into tastelessness on the other; let alone (generally) into kitsch or something despicable.

Art by Chris Bouter

In this section we want to present mostly photo shoots, pictures and a few collages and paintings, according to our own insights.

Our Xian painting series, The 8 Days of Creation .

In this collection we express the Old & the New Creation.

Our nature series, Lessons from Nature .

In this series of photos we want to remind you of a few facts of life.

Our religious series, Religious Themes .

In this series of photos, paintings and collages we want to point out to you religious truths.

Our postmodern art series, That's True Too! .

In this series of photos and collages we want to confront you with a few verities.

Our conscience series, Convicted Conscience .

In this series we want to pang the conscience of the world.

Our general series, Various Subjects .

In this series a few simple paintings and drawings by me.

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