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Solomon: "A good name is better than precious wealth."

Personal Background

I hold an honor's and master's degree in classics (respectively from Acadia, 1984, and Dalhousie, 1996; universities in Nova Scotia Canada). The honor's thesis treated of a comparison between pre- and postchristian theological and philosophical arguments. The MA thesis dealt with marital laws in the time of the late Roman empire (fourth and fifth century A.D.). It was part of my education to learn to read Latin, classical and Koinè Greek and biblical Hebrew.

For years I suffered from serious mental breakdowns and depressions, but it seems that, among other things, through the right medication things are finally developing for the better. It is even so that the worst thing that did happen to me, has turned into the best. Thanks to God. The winds blew, the storm rains came down, but the house was not built on sand. Jesus Christ be the highest honor unto all the ages. For He knew exactly how to measure out the chastisement and the discipline of life. I hope and pray and think that I have the worst hell behind me. At any rate it has made me more subjectively involved with my Maker and my fellow beings and also more objective about myself.

Incredible as it is, also to myself, but I now praise, laud and adore the Lord God for all the pain, sorrow, sufferings and setbacks that He chastised me with. Now I understand why all these vicissitudes came over me. It was to make me what I am now. The apostle Paul said that 'through grace I am what I am'. I do not say that, but one day I will be what I will be through the same grace!

From the year 1981 I devoted quite a bit of time to working out an elaborate ethical theology. In connection with that I made up an anthropological analysis of the human being. Some green and sunny Wednesday I hope to share the core of these theories with you here on the web. In fact a beginning with ethics has been made on this link.

With anthropology a beginning has been made here.

Then yet an important remark: Do not consider who is writing in this website, but what is written!

Signed: Frederick Christopher Bouter; Gouda, Holland

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Personal Letters and Emails.

Extra Biographical Info.

A Peep into Madness: Autobiographical Sketches of My First Two Psychoses.

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Christ Jesus: "It would be better if a millstone were put on somebody's neck and he were thrown into the depth of the sea,

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