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For God so loved the world that He gave His unique Son, so that everyone that believes in Him will not go lost, but have eternal life. This is eternal life: that people know you the only true God and whom you sent, Jesus Christ!

Deze bladzijde in het Nederlands. This page in Dutch.

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Forbidden Area

Hell is real!

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In this website you can find Christian studies, poems and fiction. There is a special page (Portal to Christian studies), dedicated to the main subjects of christology, with an essay about Christ's divinity against the theology of Jehovah witnesses, theology, prophecy, apologetics, biblical studies, science, and various common subjects.

This site is meant to inspire and to enlighten. The poems serve as encouragement and instruction. This all holds as well for our fiction. I am planning to enlarge the scope and the content of the study section gradually, particularly the subsite on a theology of ethics.

I fear that this site is not meant for the average reader and some subjects probably are difficult to very difficult to grasp. But, please, be not discouraged too quickly when you do not understand something immediately. In this time of work pressure, internet, cyberspace and artificial intelligence many do not (anymore) sit down in all quietness to pay attention to the great questions and issues of life.

In this site you can find explanations and analyses about a very wide range of subjects, such as the difference between 666 and 888, the hereafter, devil (satan), idols and gods, forgiveness, reconciliation, confession, blood, sweat 'n tears, and a whole range of more subjects from Christian ebooks to the seventh commandment. We plan to discuss all these things and possibly more. Some are offered already on this site in the form of essays and short analyses.

A beginning has been made to offer various e-books, which will be all for FREE, just as our course in N.T.-Greek. We hope and pray that this work may be for a blessing.

Female Voice at its Best

Danielle Licari--Les Parapluies de Cherbourg

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